2019 Frequent Feeder Pass

2019 Frequent Feeder Pass

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Description :

Tanganyika is the most interactive zoo in the Midwest.  We currently offer the following interactive stations:

  • Ring-tail Lemur Feeding
  • Giraffe Feeding
  • Pygmy Hippo Feeding
  • Indian Rhino Feeding
  • Lori Feeding
  • Bunny Feeding
  • African Tortoise Feeding
  • Guinea Pig Feeding
  • Camel Rides

You can add any number of Frequent Feeder passes to your household for $30 each.  When you visit, you will get 5 interactions for each Frequent Feeder pass added to the household. 

*The Frequent Feeder Pass is sold separately from Season Passes and does not include entrance to the Park. 

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